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If you're new to the world of online gambling, there are probably terms and words that you've never heard of before. The most important thing to remember is Don't Be Intimidated. Online gambling may look complicated, but it isn't. It's like looking at a fancy French recipe, when, in reality, it's just plain old meat loaf and you have all the ingredients at home. online casino games are created to appeal to everyone, newbies and veterans alike. There are games that are more complicated, but even those games come with clear instructions and excellent guides to explain everything to everyone.

If you are really a nervous Nellie, you may not want to download anything onto your computer. You've heard too much about viruses and bugs to just install stuff willy-nilly. Online casinos know this, and they have games that are run with java software, which don't require downloading. If you're playing in a Casino online and you see the words ``we have Java'' or something like that, it means that you can play the games you want right off your screen and they never have to reach your hard disk. This is great for both the gambler in a hurry and for someone who just doesn't want to download something from the Internet.

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Java games are frequently called flash games - another term you may not have heard before. The quickest way to see what online gambling is all about is to just go into any online casino and click on a link that has the word flash or java and then pick a game, any game. If you want to play french roulette online, for instance, click on that game and in a matter of seconds you'll be able to try out the game for free. In this way, you've bypassed registering on the site (because you're playing for free and not for real money) and installing the game on your computer (because you're playing a flash game and not a downloadable game). This great online feature lets even the timid among us give casinos games a whirl. Try it; you'll like it.

Java is also a platform used for some online bingo games. The majority of bingo sites do not require download to play which makes them attractive to inexperienced internet gamblers.

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